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  • 27 October 2021
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I am looking for some advice on how teams work with opposing backlogs? As our company was acquired earlier in the year we now have two Product Teams.

The team in the US manages a specific product and the “digital” vision for the company, and the team in the UK manages the Managed Services we provide (two very different service offerings).

What I would like to understand is how we can integrate backlogs? They have a road map in place for the digital vision of there products with their own backlog. We have a backlog of how we can improve our managed services but it requires making amendments to the digital footprint the US have control over.

Has anyone worked with multiple conflicting backlogs before where one is dependant on the other, but has no control and only one voice? 

What I would like to avoid is the situation where to progress our service we need X done to the digital portal, but that is so far down the priority list of the other Product team that Y, Z, A, B & C  get implemented before X.

Does anyone have any advice on how this might work?



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@darren.smith in my experience it’s not uncommon to see this. I think the key parts here are to:

  • start aligning the teams on culture and ways of working together rather than as separate products
  • unify on the product vision and strategy
  • get each product reflecting their priorities and activities in a single tool so you can get a 360 view of things happening
  • linking the dependencies between items on roadmaps
  • then working to resolve conflicts and coordinating execution

It does often mean that some teams may have to slow down or speed up work they have planned or in other cases it may mean that a teams takes on technical debt to work around that timing.

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@scott.baldwin thanks this is very useful