Be spotlighted in a video that will be viewed by thousands... What inspires you about being a product maker?

  • 6 October 2021
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Here’s your chance to be spotlighted in a video that will be viewed by thousands of product makers at the upcoming Product Excellence Summit (Oct 26–27)!


Submit a brief video (under 15 seconds):



  • What do you find most inspiring/awesome about being a product maker, product manager, or product leader? What makes it your true calling?


You might also consider:

  • What attracted you the field? 
  • What keeps you inspired on the hardest days?
  • What brings you the most pride when explaining your role to a family member or friend?


Video tips:

To increase the chance your video will be selected, consider the tips below:

  • Record your video on Loom or your preferred tool. 
  • Position your camera at around eye-level. If using your laptop’s built-in camera, try putting your laptop on a stand or a few books (or raise your height-adjustable desk).
  • Frame your video so you are taking up most of the vertical space in the frame (see examples).
  • Illuminate your face to boost video quality — try setting your display/monitor to its brightest setting to act like a big video light. Expand an application with a mostly-white background like a random webpage to full screen on your display.
  • Consider what’s in the background of your shot to avoid unnecessary distractions. (But it is not required to have a completely blank background as seen in the examples.)



Submit your videos in any of the following ways:


Looking forward to getting inspired by everyone’s submissions! Thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts with us.



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