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  • 4 August 2022
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Hi, we're hosting another Product Meetup, and I'd like to invite you!

You can join in person or online for insightful presentations about product strategy from Productboard’s Stephen Walker, and Just Mad’s Ana Oarga and Raz Burciu.

🔹 Stephen will talk about what product strategy means for people in product teams and highlight how engineers, designers, and product managers can work strategically in any environment. He'll also share, how to easily write a vision for your feature or domain, how to clarify goals, outcomes, and outputs, and how to connect your team’s work to the company goals or strategy.
🔹 Ana and Raz will talk about how to drive product strategy using the North Star Metric framework. This framework provides a shared model for articulating your product's strategy and it helps you define a specific metric that best captures the core value your product delivers to customers, as well as encompasses the impact on the business.

Thanks a lot, and I look forward to meeting you eventually! :)

Register via talkbase 👉

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