Frontend Meetup #3

  • 24 November 2021
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Hi, we are organizing our third Frontend Meetup on December 1st and we would like to invite you there!
This time it will be online and you can expect a trio of great speakers like Lukáš Huvar from Productboard, Antonín Simerský from Ataccama and the founder of ReactGirls - Tereza Vaňková from Deepnote.


🔹Lukáš will talk about how we have improved time to first byte load (TTFB) and reduced load speed for our customers. We will take a walk down memory lane from a monolithic server in one place to edge computing closer to our customers using Cloudflare Workers.

🔹Tereza will talk about the challenges that come with hiring and onboarding junior developers. She will share a few tips on how to help startups with onboarding juniors and how to help them grow faster.

🔹Antonín will share tips on how to have a better and more responsive UI. He will show us examples of what's coming next and explore server components and how they could impact code and applications.


Thanks a lot and looking forward to it!

Please register via Eventbrite 🙌


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