World emoji day 📆

  • 17 July 2022
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It’s World Emoji Day today! 😜🤓

The date originally referred to the day Apple premiered its iCal calendar application in 2002. The day, July 17, was displayed on the Apple Color Emoji version of the calendar emoji and the brainchild of Jeremy Burge, founder of Emojipedia.

📣 We’ve spoken previously about our love of emojis and why workplaces should embrace them for those opportunities to colour your content with context, to the simplicity of a reaction, emojis can be powerful and fun. 🙌🤩😄

And while our community platform doesn’t yet support them for post reactions 😱🙀 (they are coming sometime I’m sure, right @SebastiaanTerpstra?) you can include them in your posts and replies to help others better understand and communicate. 

Over the past year, we’ve asked all our Featured Makers about their favourite emojis and here’s what they have shared:👇

  • @david.morgan 🤔
  • @darren.smith 🤣
  • @Rachel Rubinstein 😂 🤩
  • @banannastories ✨
  • @Andrew Fragias 😂 
  • @pieter.strouven 💃
  • @gavin 🏆 and 👆
  • @jrmatthews 👀
  • @abourjaily 📣 💯or 🌮
  • @Courtney.Kisner 🤘🏼
  • @drosikhina 🥳 
  • @danielleb 👍
  • @Mmcclain 😬 or 😱
  • @kmedlin 🤦‍♀️
  • @Ronke ☺️

And now it’s your turn. 🤔👏

Tell us something about your product role using emojis. It can be what country you work in 🇨🇦, something about the work you do in product 🤺🤝, a bit about the challenges you run into 🏔, or the fun you have building products that matter, together 🤪😺🥳 Or maybe it’s just about the dangerous animal you deal with the most 🦛 🦏 🐺 🦓 🐦 🤷‍♀️ 

🎁 We have three gift card prizes of your choosing to award to our winners: 

🥇 First prize: $75
🎖 Second prize: $50
🏅 Third prize: $25

Contest closes Monday, July 18 at 12 midnight PST. We’ll announce our winners here and gift cards will be sent via email. Redemption options vary by country.

5 replies

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⚙️👥⚒️  ← That’s my focus in ProdOps.  Process, People & Tooling in order to build products 🎁 that our customers love 💗


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📊💬✍️📐🎉🔁 => Research, Converse, Document, Design, Celebrate, Repeat

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@Linda Paulson @plainclothes thanks for playing along. Looks like we only had the two of you enter by the contest close.

  • @plainclothes is the winner of the first prize
  • @Linda Paulson is the winner of the second prize

I’ll send them both out to you shortly via email (they will go to the same email address you use for the community.

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Thanks, @scott.baldwin ! That was a fun challenge, I’m surprised more people didn’t get in on the action.

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I agree! I thought that was a great idea @scott.baldwin . Thank you. 🙏 I wanted to “steal” the idea for my own team, but got too busy. Will flag for next year, for sure. It’ll be on a workday, so perhaps that will help.