This week in the community - Jun 26, 2022

  • 27 June 2022
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This week in the community - Jun 26, 2022
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👋 Hi everyone.

Our Product Makers community turns one on Thursday. Keep an eye out for a chance to get an exclusive badge, swag and other prizes as we celebrate our milestone over July and August.

Here’s what’s happening this week in the community:

📆 Monday


🏋️‍♀️ Wednesday

💬 Thursday

📌 Friday

  • Our first Maker Mentor matches will go out on Friday. Thanks to everyone that’s signed up so far and there is still time to join if you haven’t.
  • Our book club will tackle our week three discussion topic. And we’re not too far into the book if you still want to join us.
  • It’s Canada Day so I’ll be taking the day off 🇨🇦🍁and I’m sure some those in the US will be easing into their upcoming long weekend as well.


4 replies

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That's a wrap on the week. Thanks to everyone that engaged this week.

👉 In case you missed it

🗣 Add your voice to these discussions

👋 Welcome new members

Thanks to everyone new that joined this week. Don’t be shy, come say hi in introductions if you haven’t.

Joining us this week: @Cbelta @kiou @dashtabor @Seerilyn @jgrznar @Julien Brochard @jan.kucera @akmalkhaydarov @Jillian Coutu @finn @adeelnajmi @Mohamed Soliman @paulag @Daniel Szychowski @DaveLendi @mkohler @pmndifon @MaxW @Ashley at Tevera @ReadySetGo1 @GurningBadger @hudecek @chelgesen @katrussell @lhunath @Corban Wells@productgirl @Paul.Wilcox @Kalisurfer @yvonne29 @Philip001 @jmillares @karim.mohamed @Dstas @samuel.gillette @Lennart Hennigs @Samaj12 @msrisha @mydigitalself @Persuader @rydog @Krisml1 @MKW @Alexandre Humeau @jsilv9 @ckolson @davidziemann @CharilySus @neilarch 


Thanks for having me and to those that attended the session.

Together we can make mental health a priority in product. The best Product People balance hard skills with soft skills, and they recognise the importance of self-care

If anyone wants to discuss further or follow me on LinkedIn:



Thanks for the invitation, @scott.baldwin! I’d love to participate in the book club. Is it all asynchronous online, or do you meet up to chat about it?

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@finn it’s all async online over the summer, but we plan to chat about it together in September.