This week in the community - Jul 24, 2022

  • 25 July 2022
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This week in the community - Jul 24, 2022
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Wow, July is flying by quickly, here’s what we have going on this week in the Product Makers community.

All week we’ll be awarding our one-year anniversary badges to folks that get on our weekly leaderboard. It’s us saying thanks for being involved  

Starting next week you’ll see my colleagues @dottie and @jessicasaunders handling the community for a bit as I catch some sun.


📆 Monday

👉 Tuesday

  • Take a moment and share some of your favourite product-related reads and listens that you’ve come across recently.
  • Join our Academy team for Productboard 101 training (Europe and North America)

🐋 Wednesday

  • Level up your Productboard game with our Academy team and learn how to become a Productboard power user (Europe and North America)

💬 Thursday

📌 Friday

  • If you’re in our book club share your thoughts on our weekly discussion topic and get registered for our September wrap up discussion event
  • We’ll wrap things up, say hi to our new joiners, and announce the three winners of our referral contest (assuming we get some entries 😂)


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Happy Friday, 

Another week comes to a close (and almost another month as well).


Thanks to everyone that joined us this week @Cata 1220 @emilio @Liv D'Agostini @Ravi.Kurma @PlayOnPlayer @leoinsided @Judith @geekgrl1337 @PetK @goslin @David S @thilak @Dilara @Ron W @Sneha Kayyuru @Sara Higgins @johaloza @andresdeluna @scroft @edstead @JPopiel @lucasanjos @Vittal Jadhav @mitchmaff @Karthik Gangadhara @stephy_naranjo @Tynan Littlefield @abalouch @byrongaum @Kevin Overstreet @Julia Bordonaro @cfibanez @madube @Matias Wigozki @norephedrines @Matt Downing @darios @Lethabo Motsoaledi @zeena @Stephen Smith @bruno.lopes @Cat McDonald @Eva Serra @Rune @AnnieR @KZucker @ShampSteve @jcderose @Grasifh @Davyd Edwards @yonden @Anders Josefsson @joel_a @PracticeMakesProductNadia @ganesh_glenwave @Vanessa @MartinW @cnaidu @mariananetom @Gregory Ellson @Siamak @Danielle Widdowson @derrispato @LinaDannfors - don’t be shy, start a discussion or share a question, we’d love to hear from you.