This week in the community - Jul 17, 2022

  • 18 July 2022
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This week in the community - Jul 17, 2022
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Here’s what’s happening this week in the community:


📆 Monday

👉 Tuesday

  • Take a moment and share some of your favourite product-related reads and listens that you’ve come across recently. We’ll have some special anniversary giveaways for those who share something.
  • Marty Cagan’s Empowered event here at Productboard - register if you haven't already

🐋 Wednesday

  • Join our online event and panel discussion at 10am BST with product leaders from ITV, 383, and Productboard as we dive into the topic of Ethical Product Management
  • Our Productboard Academy team will be hosting a session on prioritizing with dynamic segmentation (Europe and North America)

💬 Thursday

📌 Friday

  • The book club continues their read of Marty Cagan’s Inspired 
  • We’ll wrap things up, say hi to our new joiners

4 replies

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Happy Friday, hope you all had a great week in product.

  • Congrats to @Linda Paulson and @plainclothes who won our World Emoji Day contest. We only had two entries, so only gave away two prizes (maybe next year we’ll get more entries 🤷‍♂️)
  • If you didn’t catch Marty Cagan’s event on Tuesday, you can watch on-demand and catchup on all the goodness.

Some good discussions this week worth catching up on:

Thanks to all of our new joiners as well, don’t forget to make an introduction if you haven’t yet, we’d love to hear from you.

@peachy0034 @Kanav Dhir @Johanna Barlow @ThatTechieGirl @Paola @brosenthalATL @willthoni @AlexLo @Ozurumba @Adela7 @LukasKaras @Gaya @Ibrahim Abada @muhyideen @guptmohit089 @wixwixwixwixwixwix @pwarmuz @CassieC @irfane @Jeanus Ko @andyebelcher @njamdar @orangejuicer @vishtasb @lance @rishabhdhingra @Joran Liessens @gusoto @xian @Alexy Abelanet @Parveen Downer @Emma1 @kafrinek @Rodrigo Subirá @Tanja Jahnke @Sierra Browning @Racheej 

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Thanks Scott for the updates.  Let us know if you’d like to see anything in particular for our ‘Behind the Roadmap’ series!  

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Yes! @scott.baldwin these updates are helpful. Just watched your Loom recording on the Opportunity story mapping as we were working with @Nik Larsen to determine how best to represent opportunities in our instance. Still figuring this out, but your video and Nik’s mock ups have helped us to get closer.

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Great to hear @Linda Paulson and glad the Loom helped as well.