This week in the community - Jul 10, 2022

  • 11 July 2022
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This week in the community - Jul 10, 2022
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We’re back from last week’s break and sharing a few of the things happening this week in the community:


👉 Tuesday

  • Take a moment and share some of your favourite product-related reads and listens that you’ve come across recently. We’ll have some special anniversary giveaways for those who share something.

🐋 Wednesday

💬 Thursday

📌 Friday

  • The book club continues their read of Marty Cagan’s Inspired 
  • We’ll wrap things up, say hi to our new joiners

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That’s a wrap on another week.

  • If you missed it, watch Inês Liberato’s talk on how to design your strategy
  • Check out our favourite reads and listens
  • Welcome to our new joiners: @jessicaperelman @Cathy @Jboone7471 @Yvonne Elek @kaylat @marcus @Teddy H @Justin Berthelot @Andrej @Janpop @mdjekic @daruk @dmandrews @lillianann_98 @dcoloma @DallasMc @JortP @David Lopez @Tommy @Rich Lee @RavinR @JColburn @markovych @micaelablondet @Sophie Cheng @Michael Witlox @seekeva @julien @Nnamdi @Sophie Bruxner-Randall @Roy Reina @justinm @thecourtneywalker @Lea_Kassab @andrewdevscale @jco @amoldalvi @dbraun @alnoor @Omer Ben-Ami @Jayanthi and @BillyJ 
  • And Sunday is World Emoji Day 📆 keep an eye out for our quick contest and a chance to win one of three prizes! Contest closes on July 18 at midnight PST.

Thanks for having me @scott.baldwin ! Looking forward to engage in the community!