Product Makers Group Leader: Pieter J. Smits

  • 23 June 2022
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Product Makers Group Leader: Pieter J. Smits
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Meet @pjsmits who’s one of our Product Makers Group Leaders. 🎉

Group Leaders help our community by leading and engaging with their group members and hosting meetups or events to bring together members of our community socially or to share knowledge.

We’re excited to have Pieter helping us out with our Netherlands group.

Get to know Pieter

Pieter is the Product Manager at Drieam where he works on a couple of products for higher education. He is passionate about stimulating student ownership in EdTech. Previously he has had various product roles, but always in products for digitally enhanced learning in and teaching for primary education and higher education. Inspired by the concept of Distributed Leadership, he strives to share ownership and expertise-based leadership with the product and development team as much as possible. He is regularly on the lookout for new tools and is always eager to try new things like tools or workflows to continuously optimize processes and as such is very enthusiastic about Productboard and other great tooling. Lastly, he likes to have great talks and discussions during a walk or on a sailing boat.

Why did you want to get involved as a Group Leader?

There are a lot of great product people, practices and teams around the world. It is always a pleasure to meet other makers and learn from each other’s practices, experiences and perspectives. Working remotely has taught us all that we can bring the world closer to ourselves with ease. However, we also (re)realized the value of true closeness and shared contexts of the market, location, culture, news and society. Meeting offline and connecting (virtually) with great people from a local group is something that can really help to feel more connected, lowering barriers for sparring with each other.

Where do you hope to contribute?

Firstly, I’d like to help build up the Dutch maker community as a place to go to find like-minded product people to share experiences, dilemmas, and ask for help. I’d like to share practices, processes and experiences on building the features that matter. I also hope to provide some guidance and tips in using Productboard to optimally impact product teams and their customers.

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