Product Makers Ambassador: Hassan Allakkis

  • 1 November 2021
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Product Makers Ambassador: Hassan Allakkis
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Meet @Hasso who’s one of our Product Makers Ambassadors. 🎉

Ambassadors are passionate product makers that are interested in helping us continue to grow this community into the destination for product makers to connect, grow their product knowledge and practices, and solidify their use of Productboard as their ‘command center’.

We’re excited to have Hassan helping us out.

Get to know Hassan

Hassan lives in Prague and works as a CSM at Rossum AI. Prior to stepping into CS, Hassan studied computer engineering but found he didn’t like coding so decided to shift careers. He’s since continued working for SaaS companies and previously was a CSM at Productboard for 2 years and has a wealth of experience with the product and working with product managers that should be helpful to our community. In the future, Hassan is hoping to eventually move into a Product Management role.

Why did you want to get involved as an Ambassador? 

As a Productboard alumnus, I believe in Productboard’s goal to help others  “Make products that matter” and I’ve seen the transformational benefits of a product management system on the work product makers do. I’m excited to continue contributing to the community and helping out and also using the community to continue learning about the craft of product.

Where do you hope to contribute? 

I want to help share my expertise with the rest of the community including best practices I’ve learned, my experiences around how best to engage and work with customer-facing teams like Customer Success, and how to get the best value and full usage of Productboard.

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