Product Makers Ambassador: Ash Ivory

  • 1 November 2021
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Product Makers Ambassador: Ash Ivory
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Meet @ashivory who’s one of our Product Makers Ambassadors. 🎉

Ambassadors are passionate product makers that are interested in helping us continue to grow this community into the destination for product makers to connect, grow their product knowledge and practices, and solidify their use of Productboard as their ‘command center’.

We’re excited to have Ash helping us out.

Get to know Ash

Ash Ivory is the Head of Product at Askable. Most days you will find Ash asking the hard questions in an easy way, splitting hairs over good user experience (don’t worry, they studied graphic design), dodging gender norms (they’re openly queer), helping their product team to find and solve the right problems (Ash is passionate about building a great product), upskilling the office in brewing coffee (coffee, err, that's all). Oh, and riding their motorcycle (it's basically meditation).

Why did you want to get involved as an Ambassador? 

Community is hugely important to all aspects of my life. Whether that be at Askable, building our own community of participants and clients who love our product, around my local motorcycle meet, or right here in the Product Makers community created by Productboard. I love connecting with people, and I believe the best answer to a question should come from a community passionate about a given topic.

Where do you hope to contribute?

I hope I can help the Product Makers community see the immense value Productboard brings to startups, scale-ups and everyone in between. It’s more than just a “tool” it is a hugely powerful customer-centric product management platform and when implemented and leveraged well can transform organizations and how they do product management, I’m here to give no BS guidance on the product and to help with discussions on leadership and building product teams.

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