Maker Matters - Jun 2022

  • 8 June 2022
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Maker Matters - Jun 2022
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Welcome to the June edition of Maker Matters, a monthly digest about our Product Makers community.

Product thought

It’s been an interesting few months in tech. Clearly the tech market, for the first time in awhile, is back in flux. Layoffs are accelerating, and founders are feeling less optimistic about the future and are tightening their belts and looking to extend their runway in a changing if not recessionary climate. We’ve been here before though and now, especially if you’re caught in change, is the best time to embrace it and find the positive.

If you’re one who’s seen an organizational change or is now leading it, you might be interested in what I wrote back in 2020 about the 5Ps of effective organizational change management and the importance of communicating the purpose of change, involving the people impacted and implementing change, how to establish priorities, and an agile process that takes a sense-and-adapt approach while also demonstrating proof of the change.

If you’re going through a change yourself, know that other opportunities are around the corner. Leverage your network, equip yourself to adapt to the rate of change, and focus on building your personal brand so it can open doors to new opportunities. Tech isn’t going away and we’ll get through this together. 🤝

Community updates

On June 30 our Product Makers community will be 1-year old. While we’ve had a community since 2017, this current iteration has grown from a few hundred to over 5700+ members over that time. And we hope you can celebrate our milestone with us in the coming weeks.

With summer upon us, it’s a great time to connect outdoors over some drinks and food (on us). To help spur some IRL connections as well as online conversations, we have just launched our new Group Leaders program – a chance to help drive conversations in our groups and host get-togethers or local events. Lots of great benefits and perks plus you can choose how you want to be involved. Check it out!

And lastly, our community team will be saying farewell to @michelle.fifis who’s been with us since last year and is a familiar face to many of you. Michelle has been super helpful in creating some of our ongoing content, leading our monthly community check-ins, and helping out with our events and will be missed. Make sure you drop her a private message to say goodbye.


Here’s what’s coming up in June

Also, check out our upcoming Productboard event on July 19 with the one and only Marty Cagan

Over the summer months (July and August) we’ll be pausing our Roundtables, you’ll likely see a few less events, but we’re still here. If you’re looking for a fun summer activity, check out our new Product Makers book club group. We will be reading Marty Cagan’s Inspired (5 chapters per week) and sharing some weekly discussion prompts followed by a wrap Zoom discussion in Q3

If you’re interested in sharing some of your product wisdom and experiences with our community, check out our article on how to become a speaker. We’re always looking for new folks to share their knowledge and practices with the community.


May events

If you missed our May events, check out our recaps and/or recordings from these events:

Great questions and conversations to check out

Some of our most popular topics in May:

Recent job postings

Looking for a new role? Check out some of these recent job postings:

We also have a number of roles open here at Productboard. You can learn more on our Productboard careers page.

With the changing climate in tech overall, let our community know if you are hiring by sharing a job posting or if you’re looking for a new role try our job seekers category.

Productboard product updates

Here are the new features and changes we released in May:

Check out our Productboard portal to learn more about the problems, needs and capabilities we plan to address next and feel free to follow the Product Updates category to automatically get email notifications when there are new releases.

Featured Makers

Last month we featured Mike McClain, you can check out his profile and fun answers to our interview questions if you haven’t already (I’m sure he’d welcome a haiku response if you have one to share).

If you’re interested in being a Featured Maker, check out our how-to guide and let us know.

Did you know?

Changing jobs? Have a new email address? Or want to update your username? Connect with our community team and we can update that for you so you can keep your profile active in our community. 


And last, but not least, a shoutout to our top community members this past month. Your conversions, questions, and contributions are appreciated!

@Mmcclain @MarcVolpi @Robert Smit @e_jenkins77 @Paul123 @Michel Hauzeur @JDrummer @Nibu @magalipelissier @Samkay @ctaylor @maria.stellini.weavr @Philippa Ford @Alistair @Caro Bautista as well as our amazing Product Makers Ambassadors @david.morgan @ashivory @Andrew Fragias @Hasso @abourjaily and @jrmatthews

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I was catching up on some impressive sessions on your Youtube channel. I’m not a product manager. But there’s so much of great stuff in there that helps me understand the people I’m working with.
Always looking forward for more!

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Thanks @Nibu, even more in our Product Talks section of the community and lots more coming soon in our upcoming events. Let us know if there are particular topics you’d find helpful. 

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Thank you for adding in the roles we are recruiting for in your post :)