Maker Matters - Jul 2022

  • 5 July 2022
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Maker Matters - Jul 2022
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Welcome to the July edition of Maker Matters, a monthly digest about our Product Makers community.

Product thought

One of the skills I learned early in my product leadership journey was the importance of trusting my people and giving them the space to dive in deep, but also the support and psychological safety to surface things when they needed more discussion or perspective.

As leaders, it is critical that we create an environment that is psychologically safe at the foundation so the team leans into interpersonal risk-taking, can easily express questions and concerns and have the motivation and autonomy to build customer-centric products that solve real problems and needs.

As we roll into the summer, now is a great time for you to lean in and bring your curiosity to work. A few things you can do:

  • Ask for feedback so you can uncover blind spots and increase trust

  • Learn where people are at and their perspectives

  • Explore what motivates or demotivates your team members

  • Make the investment in team-based activities that open us up as humans

  • Spend some intentional time collaborating and ideating with others about your product and the direction it’s taking

Community updates


We have a number of events over July.

We will be taking a break with our events over August, but make sure you check out our September:

If you’re interested in sharing some of your product wisdom and experiences with our community, check out our article on how to become a speaker. We’re always looking for new folks to share their knowledge and practices with the community.

With the changing climate in tech overall, let our community would love to know if you are hiring by sharing a job posting or if you’re looking for a new role try our job seekers category.


June events

If you missed our June events, check out our recaps and/or recordings from these events:

Great questions and conversations to check out

Some of our most popular topics in June:

Productboard product updates

Here are the new features and changes we released in June:

Thanks to everyone who has been active in our betas as well. We have a bunch of great new capabilities being added to Productboard soon and appreciate your feedback. Check out our Productboard portal to learn more about the problems, needs and capabilities we plan to address next. Feel free to follow the Product Updates category to get email notifications when there are new releases.

Featured Makers

Check out our profile of Ronke Majekodumni. And if you’re interested in being a Featured Maker, check out our how-to guide and let us know.

Did you know?

Changing jobs? Have a new email address? Or want to update your username? Connect with our community team and we can update that for you so you can keep your profile active in our community. 


And last but not least, a shoutout to our top community members this past month. Your conversions, questions, and contributions are appreciated!

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