2021 Product Makers community year in review

  • 22 December 2021
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2022 will soon be upon us, so let’s take a moment to reflect on our achievements, moments, and things that happened in our community since we launched on June 30, 2021.

What we accomplished together

As many of you may know, we moved our community from our small customer-only Slack to this public forum. While not everyone came along or always stayed around, most of you did and we also got a chance to expose our community to a much larger audience and welcomed many new faces and grew to 2671 people.

  • Visitors: 30,000+
  • Most popular referral source: LinkedIn
  • Day with most new members: September 16: 177 folks joined the community
  • Most popular category: Using Productboard
  • Topic with most replies: What’s in your Q4 product reading list
  • Most liked topic: Feature description templates (labs) release - 37 likes
  • Most active company: Zendesk and Outsystems (tied)
  • Most popular dangerous animal when joining: WoLF 🐺 (followed by RHiNO, HiPPO, and ZEbRA and Seagull) - check out our The Dangerous Animals of Product Management eBook for tips on how to manage these and stay true to your product strategy.
  • Most popular first name: David (27 of you) 
  • Total Martins: 15 (including @yet another martin)
  • Number of countries: 41 🌎
  • Most popular country: USA 
  • Number of spammers banned: 5
  • Number of competitors with the guts to use their work email address when signing up: 1 (thanks @mbarbir from Productplan 🤺)

We were also nominated by CMX for the Best New Community and I won the Rookie of the Year award from the team at Higher Logic.👏🏆

Product Makers with presence

First, a shout out to our first cohort of Product Makers Ambassadors - @ashivory @Hasso @Niels Vynckier and @david.morgan who joined us in October. It’s absolutely amazing to have folks like you join us in helping make the community the best it can be:

  • Most active ambassador: @david.morgan, 102 posts (a reply machine!)
  • Most likes given: @david.morgan, 170 likes
  • Most likes received: @david.morgan, 109 likes

Second, thanks to each of you for joining and for coming back to ask questions, start conversations, reply, and contribute.

  • Top 3 by points: @david.morgan @Andrew Fragias @gavin
  • Number of private messages sent by non-admins: 523
  • Most referrals (via our referral form): @Linda Paulson 🤝
  • Most posts (non-ambassador): @darren.smith 
  • Most likes given: @Andrew Fragias , 113 Likes 👍
  • Most likes received: @gavin , 42 likes 👍
  • Most likely to post content from their organization: @Patrícia Cadete 
  • Number of introductions: 299 (editor note, if you haven’t made an intro yet, please do) 👋
  • Number of product jobs posted: 36 👩🏽💻

And we also had lots of fun featuring some of our Featured Makers - thanks to @david.morgan @Vreni @darren.smith @Rachel Rubinstein @banannastories and @Andrew Fragias for getting involved.

Third, our top Productboarders (aside from Michelle and I):

  • Most product updates: @Wahab 
  • Most active product managers: @Michaela @Kami @phung.ane
  • Top 3 Productboarders that aren’t PMs: @winston , @Jake Sawyer and @adamamran

Groups and Betas

We ran four betas in the community since launching – our Community beta, as well as three product-specific betas for Insights Trends, Operational Reporting, and Time Horizon Roadmaps. We also grew from our original three groups to ten encompassing cities, resource groups, role-based groups plus our beta programs. 

  • Number of groups: 10
  • Total number of group posts: 331
  • Biggest group by membership: Womxn in Product - 98 members (followed closely by Product Operations and Remote-only)
  • Most active group: Product Operations - 44 posts
  • Most active beta: Time horizon roadmap beta - 51 posts created
  • Cities most likely to get a group next: Austin 🐎, Paris 🗼

And if you’re interested in helping us lead a group, reach out to our community team.

Content, events, and product updates

  • Number of features released since our community launched: 36 (if you want to know more about some of our biggest changes, check out this video from Winston or take a trip down memory lane in our Product Updates category)
  • Total attendees for community-led events: 717
  • Most popular event: Growing Strong Product Makers
  • Most popular speaker (attendees): Petra Wille 🇩🇪
  • Lifelong Learner (the person that attended the most events): a tie – @johnwhite @Justin Bertagnolli @Linda Paulson @stavrosj who each joined three events

Some of the big content moments over the year:

August: Mental Health and Product role survey 🧘🏼‍♂️

Folks opened up, shared their challenges, and helped us all recognize that product is a tough role, but communities can be a helpful tool for finding balance and connection with others.

September: Growing Strong Product Makers 🌱

We hosted nine speakers over three days for our first mini conference. Some wonderfully valuable content to help each of your be stronger product makers.

October: Product Excellence Summit 👏

5000+ folks attended our summit and we got to hear how others are building customer-driven products, transforming their organizations, and accelerating the pace of product innovation and running product at scale.

November: Petra Wille, Mark Tan 🗣️

We hosted two great events.

  • Petra Wille shared her five main ingredients that product leaders need to become a great product coach for their team.
  • Mark Tan talked about the importance of bringing customers into your product development and engaging with your community of customers and users.

December: Spotify playlist, and looking forward to 2022. 🎧

We had a little fun to close out the year including our Product Makers playlist and shared some posts about what we’re looking at in 2022, and announced our new Product Makers roundtables.

Thank you

A huge thank you from @michelle.fifis and I. 🤩

Community building is hard work. We appreciate all of you and wish you all a happy and restful holiday and hope you enjoy some well-earned time off, rest and recharge, and stay safe. See you all in the new year! 👋

4 replies

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huge thank you t@scott.baldwin and @michelle.fifis for keeping the ball rolling, engaging with the community, moderating and starting community events and giveaways. The community wouldn’t be where it is without the two of you and the rest of the Productboard team. 

It was an honor and privilege to have been a “Featured Maker” and I’ve particularly enjoyed reading the ones that weren’t me (ahaha). It’s been interesting to see how other Product Makers have answered the same questions, where they’re coming from in their responses, and just some of the products they’d like to work on themselves. 

Of course, I would be remiss if I were to exclude the most important group of people on Product Makers: the community themselves. Thanks for making such interesting posts, topics, and responses across the board since the inception of Product Makers. :muscle::metal:

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Many thanks @david.morgan 😀

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Big thanks to @scott.baldwin for all you have done for this community and helping foster it. That Rookie of the year award was well earned. I have already taken a lot of the learnings form a product management perspective and applied them as well as new ways to use Productboard. 

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Thanks, @Andrew Fragias! It takes a team, so let’s not forget @michelle.fifis’s work either.

Glad you’re getting lots of value from the community and able to apply it to your work and use of Productboard.