Product Makers roundtables

  • 21 December 2021
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Product Makers roundtables
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Looking for a way to connect with your product peers, discuss product, and get help from others in our community? We’ve got you covered. Our Product Maker roundtable brings together people to:

  • Share knowledge, expertise, and experiences

  • Talk about their craft, processes, approaches, methods, and workflows

  • Learn how others similar solve problems and challenges

  • Share best practices and helpful resources

  • Network and meet others that are part of the Product Makers community

How it works

On the first Monday of each month we’ll post our next event with a link to register. Space is limited to 25 people. Events happen on the second Wednesday of each month.

We do not run roundtables in July, August, or December.

We run these using the Lean Coffee format. At the start of each meeting, we’ll:

  • Collect ideas on what topics to discuss

  • Prioritize those ideas by voting (you’ll get three votes)

  • Discuss them getting through as many topics as we can in the time allotted (we typically find that we can get through 3-4 topics in a session)

👉Check out our events page to register for our next session


Have more questions? Check out our FAQs below:


How long are the sessions?

One hour. We try to start and end on time and be mindful of time.


How many folks are in each roundtable?

Space is limited to 25 people. This helps keep the group to a manageable size and the conversation flowing and engaging.


Who can participate

Anyone. All you have to be is interested in product. A lot of our community is made up of people in product management roles, but those aren’t the only ones that can join.


Are these remote or in-person?

These are run virtually in Zoom. Being remote allows everyone to be able to join regardless of location and also allows us to include a diverse group of people from various areas of the world.


How many topics do we discuss?

That depends on the number of topics tabled and votes, but we typically find we can get through 3-4 topics in a session.


Are they moderated?

Yes, but minimally. We encourage everyone to listen to each other’s questions, ideas, and opinions; share stories and contribute to the discussion and provide space for everyone to speak and engage in the conversation.


How can I best participate?

  • Turn off any notifications or distractions and find a place to meet that’s free of noise

  • Add your name when you sign-in

  • Turn on your camera and set your view to Gallery view so you can see everyone

  • Mute yourself when not taking and avoid background noise

  • Smile and use names when talking to others

  • Raise your hand if you have something to add and we’ll bring you in when we’re able

Are the sessions recorded?

No. But we will capture a summary from each session of key takeaways and resources shared and post in the Product Makers community so they can be of help to others.


4 replies

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A shoutout to the many folks in our community that shared that they’d like to be able to connect with others, network, and learn. We build community with, not for our members and are excited to launch this and some other programs in 2022 to help you get the most from this community. 

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This is absolutely wonderful, Scott. I’m definitely going to try to signup for the first roundtable. :smiley:

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@scott.baldwin can’t wait to start signing up for these and learning from others

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Signed. Looking forward to it.