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  • 3 January 2022
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Meet a Maker
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Our Meet a Maker program helps you connect 1:1 with other Product Makers in our community.

You can opt-in to meet others, get automatically matched with other members of the Product Makers community, and meet via 1:1 video chats.

Join today

  • Sign up: 

  • Enter information about yourself

  • The system will automatically match you every other week on Monday for a 30-minute 1:1 video meeting with someone in the community.

We want this to be a safe space for people to connect and meet. Please ensure you are following our Code of Conduct. Any concerns can be reported in-app and also directly to our community team.

Have more questions?

Check out our video and learn more about our Meet a Maker program and how this works:

Or check our our FAQ below:


Who can participate?

Anyone that is a member of the Product Makers community is invited to join.


How often will I get matched?

We notify you of upcoming matches every other week on Monday. You’ll have until the next matching date to meet with the person you are matched with.


How do you match?

We’ll do our best to match based on the information you have shared such as your role, experience, and location as well as other factors.


What if I don’t get matched?

If we have an odd number of matches you’ll need to wait until the next match cycle.


What information do I need to share?

At signup we require:

  • Your name (first and last), email address

  • A photo (optional, but encouraged)

  • Details about your role, years of experience, and where you are based to help the program match you with others.

  • Your desired meeting frequency – default is every other week

  • Optionally you can also elect to get a text message when matched and can elect to connect your calendars to make it easier to find available meeting times. You retain full control of your account and can opt-out or delete your account at any time.

How do we find a time to meet?

When you’re matched you’ll have a chance to share your availability and find a time to chat and you will get a calendar invite.


What should we talk about?

This is entirely up to you, but for each session, we’ve provided you with some discussion prompts and topics that you can use if you want. You’ll also have access to see each other’s profile and learn more about each other.


How do I deactivate my profile or change how often I’m available so I’m not matched?

  • Login

  • Click on Introductions

  • Click Edit on the Meet a Makers program

  • Then change your match frequency to off or to a different frequency

How do I update my profile?

  • Login

  • Click on Account

  • Make your updates

  • Click Save

How do I delete my account from Meetsy?

  • Login

  • Click on Account

  • Scroll to the bottom and select Account

  • Click on Delete My Account and Data


What if I have feedback about the program?

Contact our community team. We’d love to hear your ideas.


What if I have a question or an issue?

Contact our community team and we’ll do our best to help you out.


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