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  • 14 June 2022
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Behind every successful product maker, regardless of their role, is someone who helped them become successful. They coached, opened doors, and supported people in getting better at what they do. For our disciplines to grow it is incumbent on leaders to share their experiences with others.

Maker Mentor is our mentoring program that matches experienced product makers with those at different stages of their careers. We operate our mentoring program on a quarterly cycle providing opportunities for mentors and mentees to connect. We ask that both mentors and mentees commit to at least three meetings over the quarter.

Regardless of your functional role — product, design, engineering, product ops, or more — we’re excited to provide a way for people to learn and level up in their roles.

How it works

  1. Join anytime by visiting — if you’ve previously indicated your mentoring preference on your community profile, we’ve already invited you

  2. We’ll ask you to indicate if you want to be a mentor or mentee and share a few additional details to help us find the best match for you

  3. We’ll automatically match mentors and mentees at the start of each quarter (January, April, July, and October) for three meetings — one per month.

  4. Once your match program has been completed, we will gather feedback from each of you and you can elect to get matched with others at the start of the next quarterly cycle or manually remove yourself from future matches temporarily or permanently.


  • Access to our mentor and mentee playbooks filled with best practices to support you every step of the way

  • For mentors, unique community badges and exclusive access to a dedicated group in our community where you can connect with other mentors and help shape our Make a Mentor program

  • Access to curated events and learning opportunities to help you in your career journey as a mentor or mentee.

We look forward to helping you grow in your careers. Any questions, please contact our community team or check out our FAQ below.


I didn’t get matched with someone, what now?

If don’t have enough mentors to match with mentees you may not get matched. You’ll need to wait until the next match cycle.


How do we pick a date and time to meet?

If you have linked your calendar we will match you based on your availability. If you haven’t linked your calendar, you can choose the dates and times to meet with one another.


How do I get access to the mentor or mentee playbooks?

You can view our playbooks in our How-to-Guides area of the community. These are continually updated based on feedback from mentors and mentees.


What if I don’t like whom I’m matched with?

Life is complex, and sometimes we don’t get everything we want exactly. We’d encourage you to stick it out for the few sessions you have an try to make the most of it. Alternately you can mutually elect to not continue to meet and be rematched with someone else in a following matching cycle.


Can I pause my participation or opt-out of the program?

Yes, you can pause your participation or delete your profile at any time. We request that you do so before you have been matched as a mentor or mentee or once your existing match has been completed. If you do decide to opt-out, we’d love to hear why.


How do I share feedback about the program?

We’ll gather some initial feedback post each matching cycle, but are always open to hearing your thoughts and comments at anytime — they help us improve. Just contact our community team.


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