Become a Product Makers Group Leader

Become a Product Makers Group Leader
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Want to get exclusive perks and help us grow the Product Makers community?

Group leaders are community members that share their passion and help in two ways:

  • Drive engagement online in our Product Makers groups, helping spur conversations, discussions, and sharing amongst group members

  • Host meetups or events – virtual or in-person — bringing together members of our community to connect with one another socially or to share knowledge

Choose where you want to get involved

Whether you want to do one or both of these yourself or split the responsibilities across multiple leaders, we’re flexible in how you want to be involved and help. We anticipate that Product Makers group leaders will spend between 5-8 hours per month.

Benefits and perks

By becoming a Product Makers group leader you’ll be able to:

  • Be recognized as a group leader

  • Level up your skills, grow your career and help shape discussion within your group

  • Connect and engage with others related to your location, role, industry or interest and expand your network

Additional benefits and perks include:

  • Access to additional community capabilities

  • Access to tools and resources to support your success

  • Special community status including rank, badges and callouts to recognize your involvement as a group leader

  • Listing in your group page and our community team page

  • A chance to win one of our annual community awards

  • Rewards and special perks that recognize your contributions and milestones

  • Opportunities to co-create content with our community team

  • Networking opportunities with other group leaders and our community team

  • Access to a closed community group for group leaders

  • Extra perks at our annual Product Excellence Summit

  • Exclusive community swag

Ready to get involved?

We accept new applicants anytime.

Apply to join the program. We’ll review your application and will follow up.

Want to know more? Have a question? Contact our community team or check out our FAQ below for more details.


What if there is already an existing Product Makers group leader for a group I’m interested in?

In this case, we’d be happy to discuss your application with the existing group leader and see if they are interested in having additional help with their group activities. Often they are more than happy to have more hands helping the group be successful. Either way, we’ll let you know.


I want to start a new group that doesn’t yet exist. What are the criteria?

See information on starting a new group


What’s the difference between the various group types?

Within the Product Makers community, we have a number of different sub-groups that you’ll find in our Groups and Betas section. These groups allow members to connect and engage with one another around a specific location, role, industry, or interest. 


Here are some examples:

  • Our Vancouver, Prague, Boston, Toronto, are examples of location-based groups.

  • Our Product Marketing and Design and UX are examples of role-based groups

  • A group for people working in FinTech, Hardware, are examples of industry-based groups

  • Our Womxn in Product and Remote-only are examples of interest-based groups


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