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  • 7 May 2021
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Welcome to the Product Makers community, it’s great to have you here! 👋

Our mission is to bring together product makers so they can learn, grow, shape, and advocate for Product Excellence. If this is your first time visiting our community, take a moment to get familiar with everything you can do here and check out our welcome video below for a short overview 📽️

Looking for more details? Read below:


On the home page you can:

  • search the community and our helpful Productboard support knowledge base
  • browse categories
  • access the latest news and announcements and product updates
  • learn about upcoming events
  • view the community leaderboard and see the latest badges awarded
  • join and access groups
  • refer a friend
  • browse the leaderboard and latest badges
  • contact our support team
  • browse the Productboard portal


Within the Community section you’ll find various categories and within each category various topics. We use categories to group like content together.

Our categories include: announcements, introductions, a spot to talk specifically about using Productboard, recent product updates, product in practice (a great place to share questions and resources), and job postings.

And if you want to catchup on the latest topics, you’ll also find options to view topics that have been recently active, active since your last visit, and unanswered questions (under “Help Others”).

From any page within the community you can create a new topic be it a question or a conversation you want to have about something product-related.

Get Started

Have questions about how to use the community? Check out our helpful community knowledge base that includes:

  • our community guide (which includes information on our Code of Conduct, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion charter, and how to reach out community team)
  • helpful articles in our How-to guides about using the community.

Groups & Betas

Join one of our groups and expand your network. You’ll find groups by location and others by role or interest and we add new ones as our community grows. Some groups are public, while others are private and require our team to approve your access before you can join.

You’ll also find our Productboard beta groups here where invited Productboard customers can participate in upcoming product betas and share their feedback on features before we bring them to market.


Learn about upcoming events and opportunities to shape your product practices. We’re just getting started here and invite you to check out some of the past community events.


Hope that helps get you get started. Any questions, contact our community team and we’d be happy to help.

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