Speak at a Product Makers event

  • 8 October 2021
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Speak at a Product Makers event
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Build your personal brand and share your expertise and thought leadership.

Interested in speaking at an upcoming Product Makers event? We’re always on the lookout for product makers who are interested in sharing their knowledge and expertise with our community at our weekly events.

Whether you are a well-known product influencer, a product leader, or a first-time speaker, we’re open to exploring how we can partner together to deliver curated events including presentation-style talks, panel discussions, interview-style conversations, or workshops.

Interested in getting involved? Fill out our form and we’ll get in touch to explore! 😁

Need more information? Check out our FAQs.

When do you run your events?

Our events typically happen each Thursday at 8am PT.


What content is of interest to the community?

Our members are diverse and we like our content to be as well. Where possible we try to group events within quarterly themes:

  • Q1: Discovery
  • Q2: Prioritization
  • Q3: Strategy/Planning
  • Q4: Roadmaps

Are events virtual, in-person, or hybrid?

Our events, given the global nature of our community, are virtual. This allows us to reach as many people as possible both live and on-demand. 


What kind of event types would work?

We’re open finding the right format annd have done them all including presentation-style talks, panel discussions, fireside chats, AMAs, and workshops.


What’s the process?

Fill out our application and find some time to talk with our team. 

  • If there is a fit for our programming, we’ll get you scheduled.
  • If we can’t fit you in, we’ll add you to our speakers list and will reach out about specific opportunities when we can get involved. 

Why do you curate the events you run?

A ton of effort goes into shaping the events we do and we want to make sure our programming provides value for our community and helps Product Makers learn, grow, shape, and advocate for Product Excellence.


How can being a speaker help me?

Being a speaker can help provide personal development opportunities, provide an increased profile in the Product Makers community and amongst your product peers, and provide a vehicle to share your knowledge and expertise with a global audience.


Are speakers paid?

We provide a honorarium as a thank you and appreciation for your time. In addition, we provide our community as a venue, the technology and tools to run the event, and you have our support in spreading the word about your talk within our Product Makers community and to the wider product community. 


As a speaker do I get access to the list of attendees?

No. Our community membership remains private and confidential and we do not share lists for cross-marketing purposes.


Can I mention my talk on social media?

Yes. Once we have your event ready on the Product Makers community events page we will provide you with a URL you can share for registration, along with our social media suggestions and guidelines.


Will my event be recorded?

Yes. Events will be recorded and made available post-event to attendees and others that may want to take in the content. We post our talks in the community along with a recap and also make them available on our YouTube channel.


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